Dragon Dance/Lion Dance

Magnificence from Teamwork

Images as seen on the website had been reduced in size to enable reasonable speed in visualizing the website.  Images may therefore not look realistic.  Originals are large high resolution images that gives high quality prints reflecting close to actual scene.

20140912-DSC_0198-2 20140912-DSC_0192-2 20140912-DSC_0189-2 20140912-DSC_0188-2 20140912-DSC_0187-2 20140912-DSC_0186-2 20140912-DSC_0185-2 20140912-DSC_0183-2 20140912-DSC_0178-2 20140912-DSC_0177-2 20140912-DSC_0170-2 20140912-DSC_0169-2 20140912-DSC_0165-2 20140912-DSC_0163-2 20140912-DSC_0155-2 20140912-DSC_0152-2 20140912-DSC_0141-2 20140912-DSC_0140-2 20140912-DSC_0139-2 20140908-DSC_0112-2 20140908-DSC_0110-2 20140908-DSC_0103-2 20140908-DSC_0101-2 20140908-DSC_0098-2 20140908-DSC_0095-2 20140908-DSC_0087-2 20140908-DSC_0081-2 20140908-DSC_0080-2 20140908-DSC_0079-2 20140908-DSC_0036-2 20140908-DSC_0028-2 20140908-DSC_0027-3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20140912-DSC_0198-2 20140912-DSC_0192-2

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