Decorating for Christmas 2014

Photographs taken at Dong Den Street, Tan Binh District, showing resident’s decoration for Christmas 2014.

Images as seen on the website had been reduced in size to enable reasonable speed in visualizing the website.  Images may therefore not look realistic.  Originals are large high resolution images that gives high quality prints reflecting close to actual scene.

20141218-DSC_0315 20141218-DSC_0314 20141218-DSC_0313 20141218-DSC_0311 20141218-DSC_0308 20141218-DSC_0307 20141218-DSC_0306 20141218-DSC_0304 20141218-DSC_0303 20141218-DSC_0299 20141218-DSC_0298 20141218-DSC_0297 20141218-DSC_0296 20141218-DSC_0295 20141218-DSC_0294 20141218-DSC_0293 20141218-DSC_0292 20141218-DSC_0291 20141218-DSC_0289 20141218-DSC_0287 20141218-DSC_0286 20141218-DSC_0284 20141218-DSC_0281 20141218-DSC_0279 20141218-DSC_0277 20141218-DSC_0276

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