BIS (Pr) Moon Festival 2014

Photographs taken at The British International School – Primary Campus, HoChiMinh City, during their celebration of the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) on 12 Sep 2014.

Images as seen on the website had been reduced in size to enable reasonable speed in visualizing the website.  Images may therefore not look realistic.  Originals are large high resolution images that gives high quality prints reflecting close to actual scene.

20140912-DSC_0204 20140912-DSC_0203 20140912-DSC_0202 20140912-DSC_0201 20140912-DSC_0199 20140912-DSC_0197 20140912-DSC_0193 20140912-DSC_0190 20140912-DSC_0185 20140912-DSC_0182 20140912-DSC_0181 20140912-DSC_0180 20140912-DSC_0178 20140912-DSC_0176 20140912-DSC_0175 20140912-DSC_0174 20140912-DSC_0173 20140912-DSC_0170 20140912-DSC_0167 20140912-DSC_0162 20140912-DSC_0159 20140912-DSC_0157 20140912-DSC_0153 20140912-DSC_0149 20140912-DSC_0145 20140912-DSC_0143 20140912-DSC_0142 20140912-DSC_0139 20140912-DSC_0138 20140912-DSC_0137 20140912-DSC_0136 20140912-DSC_0135 20140912-DSC_0134 20140912-DSC_0133 20140912-DSC_0130 20140912-DSC_0129 20140912-DSC_0128 20140912-DSC_0127 20140912-DSC_0126 20140912-DSC_0125 20140912-DSC_0124 20140912-DSC_0122 20140912-DSC_0117

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